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Labor mp condemns appeal against wa native title

Brisbane MP Chris Bowen says he will challenge a decision to remove the name of native Australia from the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mr Bowen, who was at the site when Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited in September, is asking UNESCO to change the name of Manus Island and Nauru to "Manus Island and Nauru, Manus Island and Nauru, Manus Island and Nauru, Manus Island and Nauru".

Mr Bowen says the name is confusing and could be confusing to children of Papua New Guinea.

"I'll be saying to UNESCO, there is only one name for Manus Island," he said.

"I was there, there were children playing in the sand, and it wasn't Manus Island, it was just a bunch of rocks. And when I looked down, there was a sea of trees, with little green fruit on the top, which wasn't Manus Island.

"I think it was a mistake. And they should make that plain to their people that they are not the real Manus Island."

The PM is now the second foreign leader to take the stage to give a speech at the World Heritage theme-park, the United States hosted a "Celebrating the Good, Great and Powerful" parade last week and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave the opening address at a special dinner for the park in September.

Brisbane MP Chris Bowen wants a global definition of the Manus Island Manus Island and Nauru are the smallest islands in the Pacific with a population of about 250.

Mr Bowen will speak at a special World Heritage panel at UNESCO's headquarters on October 27 that will examine "whether to change the Manus Island and Nauru title".

"There's no other country that gives itself a title like Manus," he said.

"Nauru is just like 'Manus' in that sense, but we're not from Nauru."

Mr Bowen is planning a visit to Manus Island later this year and says the island is the "mother of all illegal alien camps" where some 400 indigenous children from the Pacific region are held captive.

He said the Australian Government has now failed to properly stop the children from being held there and there should be a global convention to change it.

"There are several steps that we need to do on a human rights basis. We should have a convention that we could go to to establish if a person is a refugee from persecution in that region," he said.

"You could also have a universal declaration. We could have a declaration that people are refugees from all countries, not just Australia, but that is jus

Solomons ex pm sentenced to jail for attacking woman, 15

The sentence was handed down to former West Ham United football player David Simpson, 23, following a court appearance today.

The South West News Agency (SWA) understands the charge relates to a February 2011 incident on the club's High Road.

The incident caused the victim to faint and the victim needed surgery to repair her head injury.

She has since recovered fully and remains in hospital.

At the time Simpson, of Doyne, West Ham, had admitted assault charges as well as a domestic assault charge.

That charge was later dropped and he pleaded not guilty at Bradford Magistrates Court, telling Judge James Tait he had not intended to attack the victim.

He was arrested and taken back to the police station in East London in June to be sentenced.

Simpson had been banned for 12 months and fined £150 by the Football Association.

Defence barrister John Lewis argued for a six-month ban while Simpson's former lawyer Richard Smith argued a four-month suspended sentence and a three-month restraining order was an appropriate penalty.

Mr Tait said: "These were clearly incidents which have left you with injury, which is regrettable, which you accept and which is a very important factor.

"I understand this caused a great amount of stress on you and your family. I will have much respect for you and your family during your time out on the field."

At the time, Simpson told West Ham official media he did not remember the incident or his actions.

"I have since said, and I have said many times, that this has nothing to do with football and that all football does, but, as far as I can recollect, this was a pretty rough night," Simpson said at the time.

"I was having a bad evening and my phone broke and I went to tell the women at my place. There's no point in making a statement about it now, it's not in my favour."

'We are sorry for his family'

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said on Wednesday: "I was upset I felt I was being singled out for this on a night where I spent a night out with my mates and my own mum, and to come out as a guilty person to his own wife.

"It's been such a traumatic time for us and I'm so sorry to all the people who have been affected by this.

"I was not drunk at the time and I'm glad it's all over now so we can sort things out together.

"I will be in the hospital for around another week or so as they are treating m

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